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8 Station Controller

The Hunter X2 8 Station controller offers flexible and reliable control for your irrigation needs. It’s compatible with any 24-Volt valve and can be programmed according to specific zones, allowing you to water per area as necessary, while it’s non-volatile memory feature maintains settings after a power outage.


The Hunter X2 8 Station sprinkler timer at the is an advanced irrigation controller that makes watering your lawn or garden easy. This professional-grade controller is perfect for residential, commercial and landscape projects. It’s designed to give you extra flexibility with three programs, each with four start times; plus multiple scheduling formats, making it a cinch to set up even the most expansive irrigation systems.

With weather sensor compatibility, you have peace of mind knowing your system will shut down automatically when there are rain/freeze/wind events. And for added convenience, this timer features non-volatile memory which saves all programs permanently, so even after a power outage your settings will remain intact. With robust features and easy installation, what better way to get the job done than with the Hunter X2 8 Station controller?


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