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Introducing the bermuda, a variety of sod known for its versatility and exceptional endurance. With a vigorous growth and an appearance ranging from light to dark green, it is ideal for both residential and commercial areas.


Looking for Bermuda sod for sale near you? Look no further than our garden center in Supply, NC! We offer top-quality Bermuda sod and professional sod installation services. This highly durable grass is perfect for lawns and landscaping in the southern United States, withstanding wear, drought, and salt-intense conditions. Bermuda grass creates a lush, deep-green turf that requires minimal maintenance and looks stunning in both commercial and residential yards.

Homeowners, builders, and landscape professionals can rely on Bermuda sod’s excellent resistance to wear and its ability to withstand changing weather conditions without sacrificing its beauty or quality. With our Bermuda sod, you can rest easy knowing that your lawn will remain plentiful and healthy, regardless of what Mother Nature throws at it. Visit our garden center today to explore our wide range of landscape supplies and take advantage of our expert sod installation services. Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with Bermuda sod from our trusted garden center.


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