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Brown Dripline

When it comes to managing your needs for water efficiency, look no further than Brown Dripline. The ultra-durable upgrade to PLD is specifically designed to help maximize water performance, making it the perfect choice for residential, commercial, and landscape applications alike.


Brown Dripline is an ultra-durable, high-efficiency upgrade to the traditional PLD systems. Whether you’re looking for a standard installation, sloping or subsurface applications that require a check valve, or if you are using reclaimed water – Brown Dripline has it all! With three pressure-compensating varieties, this drip system ensures your needs are met and left with a reliable solution. The HDL-PC is designed for standard installations giving you superior efficacy in delivery and performance, while the HDL-CV provides an uncompromising option where a check valve is required in order to properly function.

Lastly, HDL-R takes advantage of reclaimed water when needed. All types provide industry leading durability reducing replant cycles and costly repairs – allowing more time to focus on other tasks at hand. By investing in Brown Dripline you can trust in the reliable solutions that can help power residential and commercial landscapes as well as any homeowner or construction projects down the line.


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