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This easily controlled grass colonizes quickly to form a dense turf that has greatly reduced weed growth. With low maintenance requirements, Centipede is simple to keep on top of; requiring edging only once a year around flowerbeds and paths.


Centipede is the perfect grass for your lawn, whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial solution. Thanks to its aggressive colonizing nature, Centipede produces excellent turf that stays dense and weed-free with minimal maintenance. Compared to many other grasses, Centipede grows slowly in height but makes up for it by establishing a strong turf that is great for all kinds of applications – from landscaping for homeowners to construction and sod projects for more commercial areas.

If you want further peace of mind knowing how easy it is to control Centipede, just know that edging around walks or flowerbeds can be done once a year – saving both time and money. So save yourself the hassle of dealing with frequent maintenance issues and choose Centipede as your grass today!


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