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Eastern Fan Palm

Elevate your living space with our compact European Fan Palm. Its green-silver hue, striking shape, and delicate spines add sophistication to any interior. Perfect for infusing Mediterranean or Spanish elegance into your home. Discover the transformation with our exquisite Mediterranean Fan Palm!


Enhance your garden with our stunning Eastern Fan Palm, a high-quality plant that adds elegance to any outdoor space. This unique palm tree features a captivating green-silver hue, creating a sophisticated Mediterranean or Spanish-style oasis. Available in various sizes, from 7 to 30-gallon containers or sold by trunk size, the Eastern Fan Palm is perfect for enhancing compact patios or sprawling gardens.

Located in Supply, NC, our garden center offers these exquisite palms ready for pickup. Each plant is cultivated with care, ensuring robust health. For a hassle-free experience, we provide convenient delivery and installation services. Opt for our transportation and secure installation, guaranteeing a seamless addition of tropical allure to your garden. Invest in an Eastern Fan Palm today and elevate your outdoor space with its stunning beauty.


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