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Funny Pipe

HunterSG Tubing, also called Funny Pipe, is a flexible tube that resists kinking for reliable connections from fitting to sprinkler. Its textured grip and durable low-density polyethylene composition make it perfect for harsh environments. For the most flexible and textured tubing, choose Hunter’s FlexSG.


Introducing Funny Pipe by Hunter FlexSG – the reliable choice for connecting fittings and sprinklers. Crafted from durable polyethylene, this kink-resistant tubing ensures long-lasting performance. With an enhanced texture for a secure grip, it’s perfect for residential and commercial projects. Trust Hunter FlexSG’s engineering for flexibility and reliability. Choose Funny Pipe for your next project!

Find Funny Pipe at our garden center for pickup or delivery. We also provide top-notch irrigation services for homeowners, businesses, and landscapers. Our team ensures proper installation of your irrigation systems. Contact us today for more information or dial (910) 842-4628. Trust Hunter FlexSG’s Funny Pipe for dependable performance – the trusted choice for connecting fittings and sprinklers.


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