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This hard rock is renowned for its tensile strength and stability, making it the preferred hardscape choice of residential and commercial landscape builders. As a homeowner, you can be confident that this long-lasting material will hold up against even the toughest weather conditions without requiring much maintenance.


Every installation is unique due to the marbling pattern in this natural stone that produces a range of shades, tones and textures. With the #57 Granite’s smooth texture, it won’t flake or pock over time leaving you with an elegant finish that enhances any outdoor living space. In addition, because of its smoothness, it provides more friction which increases safety when walking on it.

At UGG special care is taken by our professional staff to ensure easy installation of your new hardscape project as well as providing simple directions for DIYers. Make sure your next hardscaping project includes some #57 Granite so you get the most out of your projects!


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