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Grey Slate

Blue Grey Slate is the perfect addition to any residential or commercial landscape or hardscape. Its striking blue grey tone provides visual interest while blending in with existing design concepts. This slate is a stylish yet affordable option, making it the ideal choice for homeowners looking to improve their outdoor spaces.


This high-end slate features a texture and feel unlike any other rock product on the market today. Its rugged surface transitions seamlessly from subtle hues of blue to cool shades of grey that radiate a sense of sophistication to your project area without detracting from its natural beauty. In areas subject to water runoff and erosion, this Slate provides superior protection where other products may fail due to its durable composition and resistance to weathering.

Its strong, clear lines draw attention without overwhelming, providing effortless definition and adding dimension and texture. Whether you’re interested in landscaping, hardscaping, or both, #57 Blue Grey Slate is an unbeatable option for adding high-end elegance to your property without breaking the bank.


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