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Hunter Pro Popup

Introducing the Hunter Pro Popup, the ideal choice for watering lawns, gardens, and other outdoor areas at home or on the job. This powerful and reliable water-spraying solution is designed to last, with durable construction and a leak-resistant body cap design. You can choose from different heights ranging from shrub to 12″ for precision targeting in areas large or small. Plus, it’s compatible with a range of Hunter nozzles and MP Rotators, allowing you to customize your watering settings as needed.


Introducing Hunter Pro Popup, one of the most advanced and durable products on the market for your residential, commercial, landscape, and construction needs. From shrub cover to 12”, you can trust that our Pro-Spray heads feature second-to-none construction quality. Our exclusive body cap design will guarantee there won’t be any leaking even when the part has been loosened. And you’ll love our reliable, easy to adjust two-piece ratchet!

Not only are Pro-Sprays adjustable with Pro Adjustable Nozzles and Pro Fixed Nozzles but they can also be paired with MP Rotators for your exact watering specifications. With Hunter Popup products, you have complete control and customizability to provide precise irrigation in an economical way. Whether it’s a homeowner gardening project or large scale professional application, the Hunter Pro Popup systems is the perfect fit for all your hunting needs!


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