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Petes Cow Manure

Enhance your garden’s health with Daddy Petes Cow Manure from Universal Green Garden, Supply, NC. Odor-free and nutrient-rich for optimal soil improvement and moisture retention.


Since 1988, Daddy Petes Cow Manure has been perfecting an organic fertilizer from cow manure, ensuring it’s odor-free and safe for plants. Their composting process, spanning 40-60 days, allows microorganisms to enrich the manure into a nutrient-packed compost, ideal for any garden or landscape.

This method not only provides a high-quality fertilizer by reaching composting temperatures of about 160°F to eliminate weeds, seeds, and pathogens, but also offers a 100% natural solution for year-round use. Rich in humus and excellent for moisture retention, Daddy Pete’s fertilizer is a top choice for enhancing soil and promoting healthy growth in Supply, NC.


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