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Petes Kickin Chickin

Daddy Petes Kickin Chickin is a rich, organic blend of composted chicken manure and Daddy Pete’s Composted Cow Manure. This mix can be used for top dressing lawns and amending soils. It also can be incorporated into the processing of soils for new lawns and landscaping projects, and it makes a great organic fertilizer.


Discover the power of Daddy Pete’s Kickin’ Chicken, the premium organic fertilizer available at Universal Green Garden in Supply, NC. Perfect for both avid gardeners and landscape pros, this top-tier product enriches your soil with essential nutrients, fostering lush landscapes and bountiful harvests. Its all-natural chicken manure composition boosts plant growth, enhances soil health, and is ideal for a variety of greenery, transforming your garden into a vibrant sanctuary.

Find Daddy Pete’s Kickin’ Chicken exclusively at our local garden center, where quality meets sustainability. Designed for ease of use and effectiveness across all plant types, this fertilizer promises to elevate your gardening endeavors, promoting eco-friendly practices. Swing by Universal Green Garden today and give your garden the kick it needs to flourish spectacularly.


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