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Pindo Palm

The Pindo Palm is the perfect choice for residential, commercial and landscape applications. Its superior tolerance to cold, drought, salt and pests make it a great fit for even the toughest environments.


Enhance your landscape with the majestic Pindo Palm, a versatile addition that brings tropical allure to any outdoor space. At our garden center in Supply, NC, we offer this stunning plant renowned for its striking feathery fronds and unique silver-blue leaves. The Pindo Palm’s adaptability to various climates and soil types makes it a remarkable choice for both beginners and seasoned gardeners.

Pindo Palm care is straightforward, making it an excellent choice for those new to gardening. To plant a Pindo Palm tree, simply choose a well-drained spot with ample sunlight. Once planted, caring for a Pindo Palm tree involves regular watering and occasional pruning to maintain its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, we offer delivery and professional installation services for the Pindo Palm, ensuring it thrives in its new environment. Reach out to us today to add this captivating plant to your landscape!


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