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Pindo Palm

Transform your landscape with the charming Pindo Palm from Universal Green Garden in Supply. Durable, low-maintenance palm ideal for residential and commercial spaces. Local delivery available.


Enhance your landscape with the charming elegance of the Pindo Palm from Universal Green Garden in Supply. Our premium Pindo Palms are perfect for adding a delightful, tropical touch to any outdoor space.

Key Features:

  • Charming Appearance: Features a stout trunk and graceful, arching fronds, creating a classic, tropical aesthetic.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for residential gardens, commercial landscapes, poolside areas, and as standalone decorative accents.
  • Durable: Highly resistant to wind, salt, and drought, making it suitable for various climates and coastal regions.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal care once established, making it a practical choice for busy homeowners and landscapers.
  • Edible Fruit: Produces sweet, edible dates known as “pindo dates” or “jelly palm fruit,” adding to its ornamental and functional value.


  • Type: Pindo Palm (Butia capitata)
  • Height: Can grow up to 15-20 feet
  • Trunk Diameter: Typically 1-2 feet
  • Frond Length: Arching fronds can reach up to 5-10 feet in length


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Provides a charming, tropical look that enhances the beauty of any landscape with its elegant silhouette and lush greenery.
  • Resilience: Offers excellent resistance to wind, salt, and drought, ensuring long-lasting performance in challenging conditions.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires little upkeep once established, saving you time and effort while keeping your landscape looking vibrant.
  • Ornamental and Functional Value: The sweet, edible dates add a unique and attractive element to your landscape while offering a tasty treat.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of landscaping applications, from residential gardens to commercial spaces.


  • Local Delivery: Universal Green Garden provides reliable local delivery services, ensuring your Pindo Palm arrives healthy and ready for planting.
  • Comprehensive Landscaping Solutions: Utilize our commercial and residential landscaping services to fully benefit from our Pindo Palm in your projects. Visit Universal Green Garden Landscape Services for more details.
  • Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable team offers personalized recommendations and expert advice on how to best care for and incorporate Pindo Palm into your landscaping design.

Why Choose Universal Green Garden? At Universal Green Garden, we are committed to delivering top-quality plants and exceptional service. Our charming Pindo Palms and comprehensive landscaping solutions ensure your outdoor spaces look stunning and remain functional season after season. Discover the benefits of our Pindo Palm and explore our extensive range of products to enhance your landscape.


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