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Step into the heart of Carolina’s natural charm with our locally-sourced, long-needle Pine Straw bales. Bursting with life, these 2×3 bales, handpicked from Supply, NC, are perfect for transforming your flower beds and combating weed erosion. Experience the magic of effortless gardening and let nature take its beautiful course.


Pinestraw adds an aesthetic charm and textural appeal to commercial spaces, home gardens, and landscapes. It elevates the overall beauty and visual allure, enhancing the ambiance with a touch of nature’s elegance. Made from USA natural ingredients, it’s safe for human contact, perfect for parks, homes, and businesses.

Our soft, thick long-needle variety provides superior quality with less quantity. The lush blond hue acts as a soil cover, preventing weed growth without smothering plants. Conveniently packed, Pinestraw can be delivered to your door saving time and money. Plus, it comes at competitive pricing, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Spruce up any project with our trendy pinestraw that stays beautiful over time. Get that perfect finishing touch with Pinestraw!


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