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Red Mulch

Bring an eye-catching color and texture to your landscape, garden, or flower beds when you use Red Mulch! Our superior triple shredded, organic mulch is colored using eco-friendly dyes and is made from all natural cypress. Perfect for both commercial and residential uses, this mulch will help liven up and maintain a healthy garden.


Enhance your soil’s protection and water retention with Red Mulch. Crafted from natural cypress, it outperforms traditional wood mulches by resisting UV-induced fading. This fine-composition mulch is easy to spread evenly over 2″-3” of soil in landscape beds or gardens. No more worries about weed infestation; Red Mulch effectively blocks weed growth, saving you time and effort in land maintenance after installation. Additionally, its brilliant red hue adds a touch of attractiveness to your entire garden or landscaping area.

Red landscape mulch stands for exceptional quality, suitable for use in any residential or commercial environment. Apply it today for superior coverage and color retention that significantly simplifies property maintenance. With Red Mulch, managing your property becomes easier than ever!


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