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Sago Palm

Transform your space with Universal Green Garden’s Sago Palm trees. Slow-growing and elegant, these houseplant favorites feature glossy leaves with spiny tips. Elevate any setting effortlessly with the sophistication of the Sago Palm.


Indulge in the timeless elegance of Universal Green Garden’s Sago Palm trees, renowned for their slow growth, taking up to 50 years to reach 10 feet tall. These cherished houseplants boast glossy, palm-like leaves with spiny tips and gracefully rolling margins. Elevate any space indoors or outdoors with the sophistication and botanical charm of the Sago Palm.

Experience the enduring beauty of these iconic palms with Universal Green Garden. Choose between convenient pickup or seamless delivery and installation services. Let the graceful growth and unique foliage of the Sago Palm create a lasting oasis in your surroundings, adding a touch of natural allure that captivates for years to come.


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