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Sylvester Palm

Add sophistication with our Sylvester Palm, boasting a swollen base, long silver-green leaves with spiny details, and small white blooms. Available with delivery and installation, it’s the perfect choice for elevating any outdoor space.


Discover the natural elegance and stately structure of the Sylvester Palm Tree, a highlight of Universal Green Garden’s extensive collection. Known for its robust central trunk, which gracefully swells at the base, this palm tree adds a distinctive architectural element to any landscape. Its sprawling pinnate leaves, extending 10-15 feet in length, boast a stunning silver-green hue, complemented by delicate spines near the petioles, adding texture and depth to its appearance. The Sylvester Palm is further adorned with small white branching inflorescences that emerge along the leaves, creating a serene and inviting ambiance.

At Universal Green Garden, we specialize in offering the Sylvester Palm for sale directly from our garden center, as well as providing expert delivery and installation services tailored to our customers’ convenience. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home’s curbside appeal or create a tranquil oasis in your outdoor space, the Sylvester Palm Tree is an impeccable choice. Elevate your landscape with this magnificent palm and enjoy the sophisticated charm it brings to any setting.


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