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Unscreened topsoil provides a budget-friendly alternative to soil removal costs. Its natural form provides a healthy balance of weathered particles such as rocks, roots, sticks, stones, wood chips and more – allowing precise control of the soil composition according to your needs.


Discover the benefits of unscreened topsoil! Perfect for residential, commercial, landscape, homeowners, sod, construction, and builders. Our unscreened topsoil comes directly from excavations, with no additives or alterations. It contains large particles like roots, rocks, weeds, sticks, stones, and even wood chips.

Get your hands dirty and create something beautiful with our topsoil! Say goodbye to tiny particles getting everywhere. Our unscreened topsoil eliminates that hassle, providing high-quality dirt without breaking the bank. Plus, we deliver! Visit our garden center in Supply, NC for topsoil sales and take advantage of our installation services.


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