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Washingtonia Palm

Perfect for use residential, commercial, and architectural applications, the Washingtonia robusta (Mexican Fan Palm) is a highly sought after variety of palm tree. Boasting rich green fan-like leaves, growing up to 3-5 ft. long, its sophisticated beauty makes it perfect for bringing out the best in any kind of garden or outdoor space.


The Washingtonia Palm is a fast-growing, evergreen plant perfect for a wide range of landscapes. With its rugged columnar trunk and lush fan-shaped leaves, the Washingtonia Palm will add an elegant tropical touch to any garden – from residential gardens to commercial landscapes and even construction sites.

Its significant height ranges from 9 ft. up to 15 ft, which makes it ideal for adding vertical interest in larger yards or screening out unwanted views. Plus, its hardy nature makes it remarkably tolerant of temperature fluctuations, humidity levels, drought, and even full sun exposure – so you can enjoy added beauty without having to increase your workload. So if you’re looking for a feature piece that stands up to anything Mother Nature throws your way, look no further than the Washingtonia Palm!


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